A high traffic venue that sits in the heart of Wicker Park, Rodan needed durable, inexpensive menus that could take a beating and still look good. They also need the ability to edit them regularly with food and beverage changes. The menu’s are chipboard covers screen printed with a logo I designed with light card stock inserts that can be printed in house. The color difference indicates which menu – food or beverage.

I conceived of the chipboard covers and card stock pages as an inexpensive yet durable solution to the needs of the restaurant. I also suggested the two different color covers as a way to differentiate between food and beverage menus. I set up style sheets and showed the manager how to go through inDesign and make changes as needed. I did the full layout and design for the menus, met with the managers and made changes based on their suggestions.

Reckless Records has been serving the independent music buying public for over 30 years. They approached me about updating their logo to coincide with their move to a new location in Wicker Park.

My focus was to update what had become a very recognizable logo into something more modern, not give it an entirely new look. I scanned old paper bags with the logo on it to get a rougher version of the original and stripped away it’s existing design elements to get it down to it’s core. I did about 5 version for the client to pick from and met with them to ensure the logo retained the standards the store has spent the last 30 years establishing.