MILD VILNC is a quarterly broadsheet newsprint ‘zine devoted to music and the arts. Interviews focus on process and purpose, with a slant towards the up and coming, the avant, and the icons.

I researched the ‘zine culture the magazine was inspired by and settled on the folded broadsheet. It was important for it to be ephemeral and have a do it yourself feel. Outside of sourcing the printing and production house I did the full layout and design.

Monsters and Dust is a sometimes print, always online arts and culture journal of “the innovative, fantastic, fabulous, subversive, radical, thoughtful, hilarious, witty, shrewd, cynical, optimistic, dark, surreal, and sublime.”

Each issue was produced with a group of designers – communication and coordination regarding timelines and styles, as well as defining what the goals of Monsters & Dusts were as an artistic statement, were vital in bringing each issue to fruition.

JWC Media Group produces monthly magazines for Chicago’s North Shore community. Issue’s focus on local events, publisher profiles, and features that illuminate the culture and community that sits right outside of the Chicago city limits.

Each month I take provided content and work within their templates and timelines to produce layouts that help tell the story of the people that make up Chicago’s North Shore.