Acteurs create minimal, dark electronic based music that blurs the line between post punk, industrial and early dance. Because the music is so sparse, special focus is placed on the production, creating change and movement through the manipulation of sonic details.

Similarly the artwork remains dark, the open space and mysterious images perfectly illustrate what’s awaiting the listener. I did photo research and found a Brazilian artist the band decided to work with. I secured the licensing for the photos and did all the layout and design.

Disappears play minimal rock music based on repetition and stark atmosphere. The artwork is decidedly simple, using space and contrast to imply both impact and elegance. Each Disappears album takes a different musical direction. The art direction for the releases continues to evolve as well, with a special focus on the continuity between albums and an adherence to an overall aesthetic.

The artwork for the Irreal album is sourced from artists Alexander Stewart and Lille Carre, friends of the band. I chose between 4 submitted images and assembled the artwork with the bands miminal sound in mind.

The Kone sleeve breaks from Disappears usual look, drawing inspiration from the art of UK punk and dance 12″ in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The band wanted to give the EP a special feel, so I focused on the printing. The jackets are die cut then hit with a matte varnish on top of a gold Pantone.